Jul Domingo

B2B Freelance Writer

SMB-focused platforms and service providers

You’re here–warm welcome!

Quick one-liner intro: I’m Jul, a freelance writer living in the not-so-sunny part of Spain. 

My focus is creating content for organizations that provide marketing, sales, and operations support to small and medium-sized businesses.

I write and ghostwrite:

  • SEO-optimized long-form blog posts
  • journalistic-style articles
  • content refreshes

You can check out my portfolio here.

And info about my services here.

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Why work with me?

🦅 Autonomy

Managing in-house teams is already challenging due to remote/partially remote setups and asynchronous work. So you might think that throwing a freelancer into the mix would be the last straw.

But as an experienced writer and researcher, I have already developed a good feel for what clients need from me. So I go above and beyond to give you your money’s worth. 

  • I stay on top of tasks and deadlines, delivering outlines and completing drafts on time. 
  • I’m not scared to ask questions. 
  • I study your brand voice and ensure it’s reflected in my writing.
  • I always start by checking which pieces of existing content we can leverage in our project. Not only is it one of my favorite SEO hacks, going over your blog posts/knowledge base helps me understand how to present your brand/product/service better.
  • I make it a point to explain my work, giving you a glimpse into my research process. Based on my experience, this always opens dialogues that strengthen the piece. 
  • Last but not least, if I come across relevant content ideas through my research or in the wild, expect that I’ll pitch them to you.

Content marketing has taken center stage. Google algorithms are always changing. You need someone who can adapt easily and understand how it works. 


Just one example: What I often notice is that you can have a good idea for a topic, but the approach determines how well it will resonate with readers. I get that. I do investigative work, which includes social listening, to get into the minds of your readers. 


Bear in mind: I’m not one to sit back and let you do all the work. Together, we can stay one step ahead.

It’s critical we capture *exactly* what you want to convey to your readers. Every time you hire me to write or refresh a blog post, I’ll send you a questionnaire.

Using this form, I can make sure I get a full picture of what you need from the beginning. I also do regular check-ins and updates to make sure the decisions I make align with your needs. 

If you want to be considered an authority in your field, you must keep your facts straight. Whenever I make a statement in a blog post, I make sure to support them with statistics and studies. Having worked in the field of research for more than five years, I consider myself proficient in this department. Research is my jam!

My experience working with subject matter experts and digital marketing agencies has provided me with knowledge and expertise in SaaS writing. I’m also part of B2B and copywriting groups. These connections have allowed me to form relationships and gather an extensive list of professionals I can rely on for tips, quotes, and guidance – which, of course, you also benefit from.

While skills and experience are the tricks of the trade, it’s no secret that tools make life easier. And I know you know this: Your SaaS tool or B2B services are here to simplify your target users’ business and give them a competitive advantage. As a B2B SaaS and marketing writer, here are my favorite tools: 

⚙️ Frase, Surfer SEO, and Keywords Everywhere for keyword research and search engine optimization. I also am familiar with Clearscope.

⚙️ Grammarly and Hemingway for flow and clarity

⚙️ Copyscape for content authenticity

Some facts that make me sound cooler than IRL

My background: I’m a clinical researcher-turned-social media strategist-turned-ESL teacher-turned-writer.

I’m based in: Zaragoza, Spain. It’s dry. It’s windy. But it’s near the Pyrenees. So, a win? 

Hobbies: Two Rs: Reading and running–both do wonders for my creativity. I get ideas from reading. I run to digest my reading and percolate my own thoughts. Plus, listen to podcasts or some feel good ‘70s music. 

Pets: My loveable Maltese,  Phineas. Also have a little angel in the form of a shih tzu, Pepper Anne. 

Comfort food: Anything chocolate-y. So long as it doesn’t have fruit or mint mixed in it. If you’re into that, I still respect you. 

Weird, not-for-profit talent: Naming that actor/actress and rattling off the movies I’ve seen em in. And I’m not just talking about A-listers.

Convostarters and stuff we can talk about for hours​

Books: There’s simply not enough space. Read this blog post instead.

Podcasts: Anything Pushkin produces! Plus 10% happier, How to be a better human, and Rethinking with Adam Grant. Wait, do you mean marketing-related ones? April Dunford’s Positioning and Tommy Walker’s The Cutting Room are my current faves. 

Series: Ted Lasso, Friends, and Sherlock (the one with Benedict Cumberbatch in it)



Travel recos: South of France, I especially loved Bordeaux and Toulouse. Slovenia was also a delightful surprise. Great scenery. Amazing food. The potato dumplings–I still dream of them.

Some snippets of the stuff I mentioned above: