B2B SaaS and Marketing Writer

I write 🍊pithy and 🥊 punchy long-form content and top it off with ✨ SEO and storytelling ✨ strategies.

I’m talking about blog posts, journalistic style/opinion pieces, and newsletters aimed at

attracting leads and engaging your existing customers

Hey! Jul here.

I help companies generate leads and increase customer retention. How? By providing SEO-optimized blog posts and other pieces of long-form content that resonate with your target audience.

If you work/own a:

🚀 B2B SaaS or marketing platform (particularly if you offer tools to support e-commerce merchants and brick-and-mortar retailers),

✨ digital marketing or B2B growth agency looking to offload your clients’ content needs,

I can turn your 💡ideas into 🎬 actionable content by 🔨 crafting quality and data-driven blog posts based on thorough research.

Find out how.



My clients are my partners.

I provide support and achieve results by:

📸 capturing your needs through effective communication

🧿 and channeling your charm into every piece of content you put out

That last bit supports my mantra as a writer:

You can’t bore people into buying,” the legendary David Ogilvy once said.

Your target audience is no different—so let’s make reading not just informational, but also engaging for them, shall we?


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