For a steady flow of clients, you need your content to be SEO-friendly, digestible, and data-driven without compromising your company’s unique voice.


Most likely, your goals are (in no particular order):


b2b saas writer's role in content marketing

And last but not least… Your content should be conversational and reflect your voice as a company.


However, this part is often overlooked.


Your primary audience is businesses, but you are *actually* talking to the people who run them.


The key is to embrace your company’s personality in your content and communicate with your audience on their level.


That means ❌ No buttoned-up content! ❌


Your goal in content marketing isn’t to pitch your company’s B2B SaaS product, but to position yourself as a valued partner who will help them succeed and provide them with the right tools to do so. 


“Okay, Jul. That sounds good, but can you tell me how you know how to communicate with our audience?”


Well, aside from being extremely thorough—asking you all the right questions or poring over your existing company’s style guidelines, I also perform a FREE content audit.


This is great for start-up companies who are still establishing their content style guidelines but can also benefit established companies.


A fresh set of a certain B2B SaaS writer’s eyes wouldn’t hurt.


For your FREE AUDIT, drop me an email at hello@juldomingo.com or use the contact form.


What you get when working with me:




You want to solve a problem for your audience, that’s fine. I’m here to help. But I’m also here to contribute much more than that…


Once you’ve given me what I need to do, trust that I’ll do what needs to be done. 


But I don’t stop there… I actively find ways to help your business—even in my free time!


For instance, if your only goal is to put out fires for your clients, I’ll suggest you get NUWD (N: Need U: Urge W: Want D: Desire), too. 




🩰 Strategic flexibility


Content marketing is a booming industry.


Google algorithms are always changing.


You need someone who can adapt easily and understand how it works.


I’m not one to sit back and wait for my client’s plan to take shape.


I’d be happy to assist you with strategies and techniques to make sure the project gets completed on time.




☎️ Proactive communication


When it comes to both content or copy, it’s critical to capture *exactly* what you want to convey to your readers.


Every time you hire me to write a blog post or copy, I’ll send you a questionnaire.


Using this form, I can make sure I get a full picture of what you need from the beginning.


I also do regular check-ins and updates to make sure the decisions I make align with your needs.



📈 Data-driven content


If you want to be considered an authority in your field, you must keep your facts straight.


Whenever I make a statement in a blog post, I make sure to support them with statistics and studies.


Having worked in the field of research for more than five years, I consider myself proficient in this department.


Research is my jam!



👵🏼 Experience


My experience working with subject matter experts and digital marketing agencies has provided me with knowledge and expertise in SaaS writing.


I am also part of B2B and copywriting groups, such as B2B Writing Institute, Peak Freelance, and Confident Copywriting.


These connections have allowed me to form relationships and gather an extensive list of professionals I can rely on for tips, quotes, and guidance – which, of course, you also benefit from. 



🛠️ Tools


While skills and experience are the tricks of the trade, it’s no secret that tools make life easier.


You should know, your SaaS or marketing tool and services are here to simplify your target users’ business and give them a competitive advantage.


As a B2B SaaS and marketing writer, here are my favorite tools:


⚙️ Dashword, Surfer SEO, and Keywords Everywhere for keyword research and SEO

⚙️ Grammarly and Hemingway for flow and clarity

⚙️ Copyscape for content authenticity





You got me, Jul. I’m ready to work with you. 

Hold on a sec, I still got a few questions on how to work with a B2B SaaS writer.