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This part is where I get a little personal, talking about my journey to freelance writing.

If you’re ready to get down to business,  you’re welcome to skip this page and visit this link instead.

Although you’re welcome to stick around to find out how I got into writing for B2B SaaS and marketing brands.



Quick one-liner intro: I’m Jul, A B2B SaaS and marketing writer and ESL teacher living in the not-so-sunny part of Spain.


Writing has always been one of my greatest loves, but life got in the way and I wound up with a Pharmacy degree.


Strange, right?  Well, life’s like that…


Pretty soon, I realized that my favorite part of the job was writing narratives (a summary of what happened to the patient).


My days as a clinical researcher dragged on (sorry for the term!) for a few years until I decided it’s really not what I wanted to do.


So, I handed in my notice without a game plan…


Then, found a couple of writing gigs and worked for my sister for a year or two.


By some stroke of luck, I landed a managerial position (overlooking social media copy and images) at a marketing agency.


But then, I had to leave because my application to teach English in Spain pushed through.


After a full year of teaching in the land of delicious jamon and croquetas, I leaned into my passion and took up writing again.



Guess what? Since then, I’ve been able to leverage my research skills to create data-driven content. This helps me produce quality content that cements my client’s expertise and credibility.


Teaching has helped me to create easy-to-digest, clear, and succinct pieces of content. I learned how to explain hard-to-understand concepts while remaining respectful of the readers’ expertise.



Interesting, isn’t it? Life presents curveballs here and there, but it has a way of getting you back on track if something’s really meant for you. The best part? It even takes advantage of the curveballs to prepare you when that time comes.


Oops! Sorry for cornering you with an unexpected mini-Ted talk here… 


And well—I guess this is the part where I say “the rest is history.”


What do I do, exactly?


I produce content for B2B SaaS companies in the e-commerce, retail, and marketing space.


Basically, I write stuff for busy founders and marketing managers that don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to deal with them.


What I do is very important because it bridges the gap between my clients and their prospects.


People love seeing brands as humans these days, and it’s my job to make these brands are relatable and engaging to anyone visiting their websites.


Why SaaS and marketing?


Well, I stumbled upon SaaS while working with an SEO firm.


They had a client (B2B communications company), for which I had to write blog posts and web copy.


I didn’t like it — I had to do so much research (I’m meticulous like that – you’ll find out why in the “Facts about me” section), so I ended up working twice as long as I would for any other topic.


But as time went on, it grew on me. And the more I wrote about it, the more I liked it.


But that wasn’t the time I realized SaaS and marketing were my niches. The revelation came a year later.



My love affair with SaaS and digital marketing writing didn’t start until I was given a couple of e-commerce and retail SaaS projects. 

I come from an entrepreneurial family. My grandma was one of the first businesswomen in our city, and all her children followed in her footsteps. My mom, who happened to be her daughter-in-law, also launched her own apparel business after marrying my dad. (My grandma’s entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, I guess).

It’s the reason I can’t help but admire entrepreneurs. And this admiration now extends to SaaS and marketing companies looking to ease their daily lives and business operations.



There’s something thrilling about taking something complex and explaining it in a way the target audience understands.


I love the challenge of creating a blog post or web copy that is more engaging or relatable. 


It’s exciting and fulfilling at the same time.


I was fighting niching down for so long, fearing that it might bore me or limit my potential.


But, I stuck to my choice and I’ve never regretted it one bit.

Where I live: Zaragoza, Spain


Isn’t she lovely? A picture of the Pilar Cathedral in Zaragoza, Spain.


One of the biggest cities in Spain, Zaragoza sits somewhere between Madrid and Barcelona. But that’s not the best part—it’s also only a few hours away from the majestic Pyrenees.


There aren’t a lot of expats living here, and it isn’t a cosmopolitan city, but I enjoy the sense of coziness you could never find in one.


Not gonna lie, though—it was hard for me to adjust. I barely spoke Spanish when I first got here so making friends, exploring the city, and discovering fun things to do were incredibly hard (I settled here a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic).


Check out snippets of my life in Europe.

Give me a follow at @julnotjules.


Facts about me

🍫 I eat chocolate every day (every after meal, if I’m being honest). I love food really, but OMG. Chocolate for life. I simply have no words — AND I’M A WRITER.


🐶 I’m a huge dog lover! I got a Maltese named Phineas – that white ball of fluff. And I had a beautiful Shih Tzu, Pepper Anne, who’s now my angel in heaven! She had adorable, hypnotizing eyes.


dog winking at you bichon maltese

Oh nothing to see here. Just a pic of darling Phineas winking at you. He’s the sweetest boi!

Shih tzu looking up with pretty eyes

What did I tell you? Her eyes were amazing, I could stare at them all day. Love you forever, squirt.


🔬 I worked in clinical research for almost five years! Currently using my research skills to provide fact-based content through and through (what better way to put those five years of experience to good use?


⚖️ I’m an ENFP and a libra—the most charming of the MBTI personality types and the zodiac. But also the most indecisive.


💊 I’ve got LPR which stands for LaryngoPharyngeal Reflux. Nasty condition that needs serious lifestyle changes. Can’t have anything acidic, so definitely no alcohol and coffee for me. Chocolate is my only vice.


🏃‍♀️ Fitness is my passion. Just kidding, writing is. But I do TRY (the operative word here) to work out four to five times a week. Looking into attending more pole dancing classes and slowly getting back into running. 


✍🏻 I mostly write for B2B SaaS and marketing companies, but I also dabble in B2C. Basically, I write for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To see more of what I do, visit this link.


Well, that’s it for now…

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