FAQs: How to Work with a B2B SaaS Writer

Got questions you want to ask me? I’ve saved you the trouble! Here are 5 of the most commonly asked questions about working with a B2B SaaS and marketing writer like me: 


Q1: What services do you offer?

I’ll try to help you with whatever project you need, as long as you’re in the SaaS and marketing industry. However, these four are my staple:


✍🏼Blog posts




Leave the metastuff and the rest of the on-page SEO best practices to me! All you need to do is to send me a topic and the main keyword you want to rank for, and I’ll do the rest.




Not everyone needs SEO. If you’re after data-driven content with expert quotes peppered all over the piece (a la Forbes), we can arrange that with no problem!


🌐Web copy


Struggling to find the right words to market your products and services? My skills as a wordsmith can help you convince readers and convert them into raving fans.


🌬️Content refresh


Coming up with new content ideas is hard. Let’s breathe new life into your old posts or copy! Sometimes, that’s all it takes to attract readers and get into Google’s good graces.


✂️Content editing


Are you already working with a group of writers? I’m sure they’re amazing, but we gotta make sure what you post on your website has all the good stuff. I’m here to go over their work and make sure the piece is tied together, reads well, optimized for our bot friends, fact-based, and on-brand.


Q2: Who do you work with?


🚀SaaS and marketing brands


I mostly work with SaaS tools in the e-commerce, retail, and marketing space, but I’ve also done other projects for fintech, human resources, productivity, and so on.


👀 NOTE: Are you a start-up? I have a soft spot for you! If your company is no older than five years old, you can contact me for discounted long-term partnerships.


🌱Digital marketing and B2B growth agencies


Are you a marketing manager looking to outsource those pesky writing tasks? I’m here for you. I’ve partnered with several agencies and have helped free up their time so they can do what they do best for their clients.


Send me a message about rates and long-term partnerships. I know you already have a process in place, so I’ll adapt accordingly. But if you think my process (see below) is pretty good, I’m sure we can come up with something that works for your current workflow.


Q3: What’s the process like?


Don’t worry, I’ve kept it simple and adaptable to your existing operations. In fact, there are only five steps to jumpstart our partnership.

🗣️ Step 1: Let’s talk


I’m flexible. If you prefer to discuss it in more detail, you can book a call here. Expect a pre-call document after you’ve penciled in.


If calls aren’t your thing (You’re not the only one. Thank God I write for a living instead, amirite?) or you have too much on your plate, send me an email at hello@juldomingo.com, instead.


Once you’ve given me the green light, I’ll send you a proposal, outlining everything you need to know when working with me (including the ways I plan to make your life easier).


🗣️ Step 2: Briefs, briefs, briefs


Okay, I’ll only need two briefs, actually.


Brand-specific: I’ll research all that I can about your brand, but I think it’s better if the information comes straight from you. So, I’ll send you a short questionnaire cos I know your time is valuable! I’ll send this to you once, and that’s that. I swear!


Project-specific: This is a little more detailed than the brand-specific brief. However, it’s necessary to ensure I know every little thing that can make this project a success for you. Expect to receive this every time we have a deliverable.


✏️ Step 3: Time to outline


I have the briefs, the topic, and the keywords! You’ve done your part… Now it’s my turn. I’ll send you an outline based on the project-specific brief. If you’re happy with it, it’s off to the stables we go! Kidding—I’ll be sitting at my desk, working my magic on our project. 


*Not needed for copy editing and content refresh projects


🥳 Step 4: Get the first draft


Here’s where I present you with the first draft… I make sure to explain everything with a copy deck (if you request one). Also, I can share with you some tips on how to design images and where to place them. Btw, I’ll have relevant screenshots covered, so don’cha worry about those!


🎁 Step 5: Wrapping up


You get two rounds of revisions. Yippee! I wanna make sure the final output is up to your standards and conforms to both product-specific and project-specific briefs.



Q4: How much is our investment going to cost?


It varies depending on the scope, subject difficulty, and client requirements.


But here’s the great news: Working with me relieves you of extra fees, taxes, and content marketing and SEO tools expenses.


They’re on me!


For special projects (long-form blog posts or long-term partnerships), web copy, copy refresh, get in touch with me to get a custom quote. 


Ghostwritten projects incur an additional fee of 20%. 


Q5: What’s included?


Aside from well-crafted text, your investment includes the following:


Brand-specific brief

✅Project-specific brief


✅Copy Deck (optional)

✅In-depth research

✅Expert quotes (if applicable + only for projects with TAT of > 7 days)

✅On-page SEO

✅SERP Analysis

✅ Two rounds of revisions


Did you find your question here? If not, contact me and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can… most likely within the day!

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